Drone Training

  • All training can be done one-on-one, or in a group setting
  • All training can be custom tailored
  • Sessions can be for private individuals or organizations looking to add drones to their workflow
  • Flying Bronco can supply drones for training purposes; however, it is highly recommended that we train using your drone
  • Depending on group size and skill level, most classes will be approximately one day

UAV 101


You're looking to buy a drone, but you aren't sure which one is right for you or maybe you just bought one and prefer some guidance to get up and flying quickly and safely. This is the class for you. We'll move fast, cover a lot of ground, and will have a ton of fun covering all the things you need to know. This class will be a combo of ground school and flight time. Some typical topics covered include:

  • Overview of the different types of drones
  •  Calibration and startup
  • Pre-flight safety checklist
  • Flight mission planning
  • Fundamental flight controls
  • Understanding GPS and Telemetry
  • Navigating your drone's app controls, presents and preferences
  • Basic camera gimbal controls, and tips for getting great shots
  •  Identifying hazards and recognizing safe places to fly
  • Review of weather fundamentals
  • Review of FAA hobbyist rules
  • Intro to FAA part 107 certification

UAV 201


This is the class for you if you already have logged some flight time, and are comfortable with the basics and are not intimidated by going on flight missions by yourself. Developing muscle memory, otherwise known as kinesthetic training, is the primary objective of this class. We will learn to treat your drone like a finely tuned musical instrument, and learn repetitive flight moves, much like practicing chords on a guitar, to practice in down time, which will build your subconscious flight control muscle memory.

We will learn the building blocks, that when practiced over time, will have you flying with confidence and purpose, getting you the smoothest shot possible, while reducing unnecessary extended flight time. Additionally, mastering the techniques from this class will prepare you for reacting quickly and safely when your drone has a malfunction or error mid-flight. This class will be mostly hand's-on flight time.

UAV 301


In this class, we will cut right to the chase and dive into high end production camera moves that can be replicated with your drone. Before attending this training, you should have experience flying your drone fully manual, with GPS disabled, otherwise known as flying in ATTI mode. This class will ensure your footage is smooth and professional. In this class, some of the techniques we will practice are:

  • Flying in a straight line
  • Motion reveals
  • Orbits
  • Dolly shots
  • Crane/jib shots
  • Corkscrews
  • Curved panning
  • Tracking Moving Subjects

Custom Consulting

You know exactly what you want to accomplish? That's exciting! Maybe you are looking for tutoring to pass your part 107 exam, or need help applying for waivers/authorizations. Maybe you are looking for a better understanding of your camera's capabilities such as understanding file formats and exposure settings. With Flying Bronco's diverse and extensive flight experiences, lets talk and come up with a private session specifically catered to harnessing your drone's potential the way you want to!